As we traveled to the Ancient Town and Golden Blade Gorges today we wound around many small roads. I've noticed that it is not uncommon to pass other vehicles in spots we would consider very dangerous. Like on a tight curve where you can't see oncoming traffic! Or to have construction that pushes traffic into the oncoming traffic lane. We arrived safely at both our destinations though. 

Our first destination was the ancient town. The 300 year old town was a nice place to walk around. We stopped at a carnival like game to show off our bow and arrow skills which was fun! I was actually able to hit the target! I have noticed a lot of games set up like this one at other popular places. Other games I've seen frequently are the popping balloons with a dart and throwing a ball to knock down lined up items. In the ancient town our group was able to eat in a restaurant over looking the creek side. We were told that when the water is lower tables are set up in the creek to eat from! I'm not sure I'd want to put my feet in after all the eels we saw in the restaurants! At this meal bamboo was the new dish we had to try and was quite delicious mixed with chicken. We were also told that the government is making a new law that requires people to eat all the food they order. After seeing how much food is normally ordered I'm not sure this is possible! 

After finishing our walk through the ancient town we drove up to the Golden Blade Gorges for our long hike. We drove back and forth along the beautiful green mountain side, slowly working our way up the mountain before arriving. Gorgeous views including waterfalls, double water falls (double dragon), a rapid river, bamboo trees, green covered mountain sides, and cavernous areas impressed our eyes. Monkeys and peacocks were there to see. Several monkeys are caged in so the rest of their family, who lives in the mountains, won't roam too far. I was able to feed one peanuts from my hand! The paths we went on were very scary at times and high above the river. Dripping water refreshingly dampened our cloths and made the scenery even more beautiful! The afternoon provided a once in a lifetime experience to see some pretty remote areas. I really enjoyed being outdoors even though we were so high at times. Walking across rope bridges, wearing a fantastic looking helmet, and being with friends made this a great trip! 

Hands coffee shop and some street venders provided us with our last meal here in Chongqing. Some of us met some new friends while out to dinner and others met up with old ones. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to everyone who has been so kind and helpful to us while we have been here. It's sad to leave but I'm anxious for the next few days in Beijing and then to see my family and friends at home! Time has flown by! 


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