Our day trip to Dazu Rock Carvings was great! Along the route you can see cities being built up with cranes on practically every building, travel through long tunnels, and of course see the beautiful mountains. In smaller towns restaurant workers stand outside motioning people in cars to come eat, people gather to celebrate events, and workers go about their day. 

The rock carvings and the surrounding area are very beautiful. We were lucky to have a tour guide and each of us were given headphones to listen. The stories behind each piece are very fascinating and make me want to do some more research on Buddha. For instance, did you know that Buddha was born out of his mother's armpit or that there are 18 levels of hell! (You'd better behave!) The carvings are very intricate and well designed. Some were very colorful and others were solid. It is pretty awesome to be able to see a part of Chinese history first hand and experience it! I can't wait to share with everyone at home! 

Just like any other tour they ended and left us in a gift shop! And right outside the gates are rows of shops with all kinds of stone carvings and traditional gifts. Owners approach you trying to sell their product and are very persistent. I tried my hand at bargaining and I brought one lady down 200 yuen! I was happy with my success and I think my family will be too! 

We ended the night with some Muslim food in Chongqing which was very good! The potatoes and noodles reminded me of home cooked food. On TV Jessica and I found Chinese Idol and the movie Hop. In the previous nights there has been an English movie playing (Finding Nemo, Alvin and the Chipmunks) but tonight's movie was in Chinese. 

Things I learned: 
- Chinese parents can interfere with marriage, careers, and schooling. 
- Politics (Who you know) is very important in finding a job.


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