I can't help but smile when I think about my morning but the rest of the day was also good. After relaxing awhile and regaining energy the girls and I all went to pick up our presents for our teachers and browsed though some small shops. I finally bought myself a fancy umbrella so I can fit in! And just in time for the downpour we had the rest of the day. We also studied for our language test that is in the morning. I was able to quiz the others on their tones while practicing my pronunciation. I am only taking the test for fun but I'd still like to show my teacher my appreciate for his time by demonstrating some knowledge of the material! 

This evening Mrs. Reitman, Jessica, and I were invited to attend a thank you dinner with the dean of education and some of his faculty. They treated us to some pretty fancy dishes filled with delicious food. During the appropriate time, I was able to make a toast to the dean thanking him for his hospitality. I hope the relationship USI has built with Southwest University will continue to grow because I know they are anxious to host our students in the future and a lot of the students here in China would love to come to USI! Some of those students include our language partners who visited tonight to exchange gifts and say goodbye. It was very sad to say farewell but I know we can keep in contact with the technology we have today. I am happy I met such wonderful people! 

On another note, on the news today we were able to watch president Barack Obama meet with the Chinese President in the United States. I think it's neat that we are here in China while our president was meeting with our host countries' president. I have to say I am a lot more aware of world news! 

I have a long night of studying ahead after all the fun I had today! Hopefully we will all do well on our tests and enjoy the closing ceremony. 


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