After getting up early to prepare for the Chinese language test, I passed! I have never been so happy to get a 73! It was a test taken just for fun and I'm glad I was able to do as well as I did. In celebration of the end of our classes some of us went to the salon and had pedicures and manicures done. It was interesting to compare their technique and learn that they actually do a lot more! Jessica and I also found out that instant noodles are an international thing. We had to get something quick to eat before the closing ceremony so they served as our lunch. 

During the closing ceremony we received our transcripts and certificates of completion along with hearing farewell speeches. We were asked to share our thoughts and main take aways from the trip and it was neat to hear everyone share and express what they are learning from this trip. I know I have gained a lot and I have a lot to share with not only my family and friends but also my future students. Hopefully I can encourage them to take an early interest in a foreign language and culture. It was also nice to be able to express our sincere thanks to the faculty who helped make this trip possible. I think USI and Southwest University has a great foundation to work from! 

We didn't stop the fun there! The faculty also treated us to some of Chongqing's famous hotpot for dinner. Again we were emerged in the culture and gave many toasts to show our appreciation. During this meal a couple of the dishes were quite interesting; I tried stomach, intestines, and the weirdest one, duck tongue! All three were surprisingly ok. Just a little chewy! One thing I will miss about eating here is the hot cloths you get before your meal. They make your hands feel very good and warm! We didn't try it but I learned tonight that Roses are cooked into biscuits and ate as a normal dish. Instead of roses another type of flower was served and turned out to be my favorite dish of the night. The faculty table partook in some arm wrestling with each other after the meal wound down! It was just for fun and showed friendship but it was very fun to watch. You never know what you'll see in China! 

Today was a great celebration of our accomplishments here in Chongqing and it was fun to celebrate not only with the our group but also with the teachers and faculty who made this trip so great. 


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