The Welcome Ceremony was very nice this morning! It was set up like a formal meeting and speeches and gifts were given followed by a group photo. We also were able to meet with the dean of education and trade information on our different programs. They have about 3000 students in their graduating class in the field of education ALONE! It was interesting to hear some students have tuition paid for and in return they are committed to teaching in certain areas for 10 years. Students here also have the freedom to travel as far as they want to student teach. It was neat to compare and contrast our two programs. I think it would an awesome opportunity for students to come here to visit the schools and live for a few weeks! It is a great opportunity to be a part of this pilot program to help set that up :)

My Chinese is improving! Today I learned how to count to five, say "my name is," "what is your name?" And "not spicy! " I am now also aware that words take on new meanings with different tones and that there are specific levels of tones for each word. For example the word for "mom" in one tone is mom but in another it means horse. This just made learning a whole lot more complicated but very fascinating! I can also identify characters for numbers 1-3. It is easier to learn when you are emerged in the culture and may need the phrases for survival! I was surprised when I arrived that most everyone dresses like typical Americans. A lot of women dress nicely though and wear lots of heels. Its crazy that they are able to walk so much in their heels up and down the hills! I am jealous of some of the dresses I have seen and can't wait to go shopping! The sizes of clothes are very different here since everyone is so fit and healthy. An XXL here in China is comparable to a M in the US! The length of clothes are also shorter. Makes a person feel a little big! 

After lunch we took part in our first culture seminar over the past, present, and future of Chongqing. It actually flew by because it was so interesting. I think since it is all new to me it is more appealing. The history of Chongqing is very vast and colorful. We have been wondering why it is always so hazy and foggy and come to find out it is known as the foggy city. I know exploring the town will give me a better understanding of its present. Tomorrow we are scheduled for our first language class which I am actually excited about. In the afternoon we will also have a seminar over the education system here in China. 

Things I learned today: 
- hair appliances like curling irons heat up super fast and get hotter than at home. I learned the hard way and lost a chunk of hair this morning! :( 
- crossing the road by foot becomes easier with practice! 


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