I survived my first language class! Basically I am fluent now! ;) It is very hard to hear the difference in what I am saying. My tone sounds the same to me and it is hard to identify when I am mispronouncing words. I have to say I am improving though because you can only go up when you start out as a blank slate and my vocabulary is increasing! Meeting with our language partners I was introduced to more words and phrases. It is very fun conversing with them and they are excited to share and teach us! I enjoy learning from them and am fascinated by their personalities. They were teaching us some phrases and ways that we should laugh in our classes so we can be sarcastic and joke with our teachers as long as we didn't tell who we learned from! I also survived my first culture class over the education system. It was interesting to hear about the history and how education has professed over time. 

Today at the market I had my first experience with the Chinese squatting toilet and I have to say I survived! It's really not that bad just an adjustment. I also got the chance to make a fool of myself playing a Chinese version of Just Dance in an arcade. I am glad we won't be seeing the people who witnessed that again because I wasn't very good! We also stopped by a McDonalds and I ordered a McFlurry all by my self with hand gestures and pointing to signs. The McFlurry was very goo! It contained Carmel, chocolate, and nuts and was quite refreshing! 

Tomorrow is another big day and marks our first visit to a school. I am excited to see how the classrooms are set up and to see some of the routines. 


Terri Branson
05/21/2013 9:31am

I look forward to your posts! If we didn't need you so very much in education, I'd say you need to write!
Thank you for sharing so much with those of us back home!

Barb Goodwin
05/22/2013 6:47am

Great posts! Congrats on mastering the squatty potty. :)

Lisa Bartley
05/22/2013 8:14am

I love to read about your adventures in China. It's almost like being there. Thanks for keeping us updated. :)


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