Ahh! We ended the night on a scary note when a cockroach tried to accompany Jessica in the shower! She was very brave; I would have been out of there in a heart beat! The boys came to the rescue and removed it for us. It's a good thing we work so well as a group! The rest of the day was on the other end of the excitement spectrum. We had a very relaxing, much needed day to recuperate and rest. 

We started the day with language class and as usual I took a lot away from it. It is progressively getting harder but I like the challenge and find most everything useful. The weather took a dramatic turn and it was quite chilly today with some light sprinkles. I should have listened to my mom and packed an umbrella but I hope in the days to come I can find a fancy one like all the girls carry here. I really like the ones with lacing around the edges. If I find one for rain and sun I will fit right in!

We are lucky and keep finding delicious new foods that tend to hit the spot. Fried rice and sweet and sour pork filled our bellies today for lunch and kept us energized for the afternoon seminar on Chinese music. We listened to a variety of traditional instruments play some beautiful songs then the rest of the day was ours to explore on our own, find food, and bargain for goods. 

After going out a few nights, I have noticed that on a typical night you will see adults dancing on the streets. It's like line dancing where steps are synchronized and people follow along. Mainly elders participate but it is fun to watch and many couples can be found hand in hand with a partner. I think this would be fun to do at home! It's a very wholesome activity and is done for exercise. You will also see a lot of street venders. Most items being sold are necessity items like socks, underwear, fans, vegetables, fruit, and other small, easily carried items. Clothes, jewelry, and shoes are laid out on blankets or small carts are full of miscellaneous items. Venders sell food under small tents or on a cart. Street food can also be found in small shops with a few tables inside and out. We have only seen a few franchises like McDonald's, KFC, and a drink shop. For the most part, local individuals sell food.

Most of the people you will see are very fashionable in their heels and dresses. Many wear nice clothes for a night out for dinner or shopping. The people maneuver around each other easily and travel at a relaxed pace. Its customary here to arrive anywhere from five minutes early to ten minutes late. I'm starting to learn where all the nooks and crannies are on the sidewalk. Trees, branches, people, steps, animals and other random things all present obstacles on a daily basis. You never know what you'll find happening on the streets in Chongqing and you have to embrace all the stares you get! 


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