With a relaxing morning, due to our trip to the kindergarten class being cancelled, we had plenty of energy for the busy afternoon. In the morning, the girls ventured down the street to look through small shops and find some lunch before heading back to watch some tv and nap. It's funny to watch the Chinese soap operas and try to make predictions about what is going on. We can often get the gist of it through the music and facial expressions. 

The afternoon seminar was entitled: Understand China, History Matters. This seminar was quite engaging due to its freshness to me. Students here know quite a bit about American history so I feel better knowing a little of theirs. It makes it easier to put myself in their shoes and, most importantly, for us to try and understand each other. It is very important to have some background knowledge on other cultures to give you a better understanding of different lifestyles, ways of thinking, and personal experiences. I took good notes if anyone is interested and here is a small recap of this interesting seminar:

       - China has over 5000 years of civilization and in those years there have been great Emperors such as: Emperor Qin Shihung (Qin = China), Wudi the Great, Emperor Li Shimin, Emperor Zhao Kuangyin, and Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang. These emperors have unified china and brought prosperity and stability. There have also been negative Emperors who hesitated to strengthen the country and are remembered as corrupted and incapable. "The Great lesson" was that only through consolidating the central power and promoting one orthodox state could a strong and prosperous China be built. China is very diverse now but they appreciate unity. 

On the way to the Financial firm we stopped to pick up our dresses and when we finally got back we were eager to try them on! Everyone's looked great and each one was unique. The tunnel we traveled through on the way today took us 3:45.8 minutes to go through driving at about 60 mph. Once we arrived in the city it was rush hour and cars, buses, motorcycles, and people were everywhere! Motorcyclists have to be very daring to squeeze between large buses and maneuver around cars. At the Financial firm we were warmly welcomed into a building that houses more than 40 businesses. The company is called CZC which stands for Cai Zhi China (meaning- fortune and wealth). They gave a presentation of their company and we presented them a brief overview of USI. We then traveled to Chongqing's 2nd largest shopping center for a very satisfying dinner with our hosts. It was pretty neat to be able to exchange questions with these prominent business men and women. 

Things I learned today: 
- A red ribbon tied to a cars mirror means they are willing to give you a ride.  
- The lines between business and personal are blurred. Businessmen often give out social networking numbers to clients. 


Tia Joyce
06/04/2013 9:58am

Your dress is very pretty! Nice Job :)


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