Rain, Rain, Go Away! Today was our first day of rain and it felt good and refreshing after all the heat we have been experiencing. The only downfall is walking in it! Counting was our focus in language class today so I can now count the rain drops as they hit the window! We were also taught the Chinese characters for each number so we can write and recognize numbers. I feel very accomplished for learning what we have in such a short time! We have an excellent and very patient teacher. 

This afternoon we traveled by bus 2 hours from the campus. We drove through beautiful, green, fog covered mountains. Houses and buildings are scattered about and built into the mountains. The fog gives the scenery an air of mystery and the shrubbery an ancient feel. It was great to explore outside of the city and I can't wait to view more! 

We have arrived in Shehong for the weekend to teach English in a local school. I'm am curious to see how it compares to the wonderful schools we visited in the city. So far the welcoming has been just as great! We learned a little about the school which is a K-9 school employing around 228 teachers! We were also able to meet with some of the teachers to discuss our lessons for the upcoming days and watch the flag ceremony at the end of the students school day. They treated us to a wonderful, very fancy dinner afterwards. There were over 25 dishes on the table at one point so there was definitely no way you could go away hungry! We exchanged toasts and pleasantries in the traditional Chinese style to thank our wonderful hosts. Afterwards we walked down by the river along the walkway. It was a very relaxing evening and the weather was perfect! 

We talked our new friends into letting us do a little window shopping and exploration of the area then we headed back to the hotel to partake in some mahjong. It is a game very similar to Rummy and is a game of strategy, which I really enjoy. It was a good way to get to know some of our new friends and they were happy to teach us. 

I look forward to tomorrow and the experience it will bring! Isaac, Mrs. Reitman, and I will be evaluating the 9th graders on their English. We will look at their reading, oral, and comprehension skills. They have had English classes for many years so it is a good year to test their knowledge. I hope I can encourage them to keep learning! 


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