Today was a very relaxing but very hot day. Our first seminar was canceled so we had the morning to debrief about our experience in the schools. It was good to get everyone's input and see their outlook on the trips. We ventured out onto the streets for lunch and had time to explore the streets to do a little shopping before meeting up again. I waved down my first taxi as we traveled down to the largest hospital in northern Chongqing where two doctors gave us a very informative tour. They explained the technique of acupuncture and some other traditional Chinese medicines. Some of us even acted as genie pigs for them to demonstrate their talents. After a quick diagnostic of my pulse and tongue I was told I am in good health! I was surprised because I was dying from the heat! 

After riding in the taxi and traveling in other cars during this trip I've made the relation of traffic here to traffic after a big event in America. You are trying to pull out of the parking lot but there is a lot of traffic lined up so you eventually just have to stick the front of your car out and make your way into the flow of traffic. People here do just that; they navigate around others and flow together, unafraid to jump out in front of someone else. Everything has a unique way of working together. 

Laundry was today for Jessica and I! We utilized the small washing machines and hung our cloths up to dry. (When I say "up" I mean up! Clothes are hung from the ceiling using a hook and rod.) It all smells nice and fresh thanks to Tide! 

I am getting better at communicating with every day! Tonight I was able to pick out my own food from a vender and I found a wonderful lemon juice drink that tastes like a shake up at another. The lemon juice and the English music we heard in the stores tonight makes me realize all the little things I miss from home. I hadn't realized how much I miss some of the little things from home because we have been experiencing so much but it felt good to have something more familiar. In the store I learned how to ask how much something is and the store owner understood me! Everyone seems very friendly and happy to help. 

Tonight was a chill night to walk around and see some of the city. Its always interesting to see how the people interact and go about their night. I'm am getting closer to my team through this time and getting to know them on a whole new level. Each day I am learning more and more!

Things I've learned: 
- we have no room to complain about having a roommate when students here often times live with 6 others in a dorm with no air conditioning! 
- we saw a commercial for a cream that is advertised to make your skin lighter! 


05/28/2013 12:16pm

I really like the way you sum everything up with the things you've learned. :)


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